Lipstick 7August 2001: Fringe First winner for 'Runt', Michael Philip Edwards, and Irish actress Sarah McGuinness ('McGuinness excels' - Metro, 'Utterly convincing' - The List) from 'Justified Sinners' & 'Whacked!', are playing almost simultaneously upstairs and downstairs in the Gilded Balloon Teviot Row. One catches the end of the downstairs show, the other the beginning of the upstairs show, and a potential collaboration is born.

Both are keen to translate their work to the screen: 'Whacked!' becomes an award-winning short film, 'Angel' from Justified Sinners is due to shoot in the autumn of 2002, with BAFTA award-winning director Cat McKiernan ('Sex & Death').

HBO take up the 'Runt' script as a feature, filming in Jamaica this year.

Several months later, they decide to put together a new play, Michael writing and directing, Sarah and a colleague of Michael's from L.A., Benjamin Brown ('Introducing Dorothy Dandridge', 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer') - acting.

August 2002: A new departure for both parties, 'BLOOD' opens at the Edinburgh Fringe at The Gilded Balloon Teviot Row, 3.45pm every day from the 2nd - 26th.


For more information on the previous production WHACKED! see


For more information on the previous production JUSTIFIED SINNERS see



"Zesty, exciting and funny performances... a perfect acting combination... absorbing and powerful - an amazing show!
5 out of 5"
Three Weeks

"Acted with passion by Sarah McGuinness and the beautiful Benjamin Brown... a dark and erotic piece of theatre that is definitely for adults only."
The Scotsman

"Focused, stark... a daring, spirited work... an emotional rollercoaster that is alternatively funny, sexy, moody and spine-tingling."
The Stage

"A marriage that passeth all understanding, with good performances by Sarah McGuinness and Benjamin Brown."
The List

"A sometimes violent, constantly funny examination of sex."
Big Issue

"A sex-fuelled rollercoaster ride."
The Herald


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