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"You tasted so sweet. So warm. You felt so human standing beside me. Soft, sure, connected to everything alive. The moment was perfect. I wanted you in that perfect moment."


"Grunting and groaning. Speaking in tongues. Foreign languages. Spanish. African. Going all Shakespeare at times with the 'thees' and the 'thous'. I didn't think much of it at first until the seventh night. The night you broke the bloody bed!"


"Feared for centuries by your species for the insatiable hungers I have inspired, I was captured and bound by a Caribbean witch 200 years ago while ravaging a Maroon village in the hills of Jamaica, and forced to haunt the hallowed grounds of Queen Heights where you found me. Claimed me. Married me."


"Anyway she has me bound and gagged naked to a wooden chair...she walks swish swish swish, baby soft legs creating heat, making heat. Swish swish swish and I struggle in my chair, struggle for some sense of discretion, concealment."


"We have moments, my love, mere moments left to share this life together. Let's turn these moments into lifetimes. Take me now, quickly, without shame or fear and be a man to my woman!"

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